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Amazing Royal Baby Shower Invitations

Are you looking for an elegant, gorgeous and even a magnificent baby shower theme? The royal baby shower will be a perfect choice then. This is such a fantastic baby shower ever that will be remembered not only by the “mom to be” and “dad to be” but also all of the guests. Most of the royal lovers prefer to choose this royal baby shower theme to celebrate the arrival of their very own prince or princess. All the party supplies should be planned and organized by a royal theme, including of the decoration, foods, baby shower cake, favors, games and also the invitation design. The perfect royal baby shower invitation design is really important to set the theme and also captivate your guest attention at glance. Send your royal invitation several days before the day is really important. Therefore, finding the right and perfect design is required as quickly as possible. Search a lot of ideas and inspirations to get the right design according to the theme and also the “mom to be” preference. There will be tons of ideas for the royal invitation for boys, royal invitation for girls, DIY royal invitation ideas and even the red royal invitation designs.

royal baby shower invitations for a boy royal baby shower invitations for a girl

Royal Baby Shower Invitations for Boy

Celebrate the upcoming arrival of your little prince into the world with the royal prince baby shower theme becomes a great idea. Most of the royal prince baby shower theme is dominantly designed in the combination of gold and blue color theme. This color combination is really perfect to add a royal touch to your theme. There are many different shades of blue that can be applied like a royal blue, navy, sky blue and other on your invitation design then. If you are going to design or make your own royal invitation, just make sure that you add a royal touch. You can add the royal motif or image into your design, such as a little crown, the cute baby boy with the little crown on his head, and don’t forget to use the right font to enhance the royal look. But, it will be easier when you getting your perfect through the websites. You just browse many royal invitation ideas, choose your favorite design, and download it. Customize and personalize the design, like the layout, picture, font, detail information and others. For the detail information, make sure that it is clearly and correctly written. Don’t forget to write the day, date, time, location, RSVP’s information, map and even the dress code needed! Add the appropriate wording or phrases, such as “A new little prince is on the way!”, “A new little prince is coming soon, and a shower we are planning”, “Let’s welcome the arrival of little prince” and many others. Make your royal invitation becomes gorgeous by adding the finishing touch, such as a ribbon in the blue or gold shade and even a brooch in a little crown design. That will become one of the best baby shower invitation ever!

royal baby shower invitations for a boy royal baby shower invitations for boy themed

Royal Baby Shower Invitations for Girl

The royal baby shower theme becomes one of the versatile themes which can be applied for both of baby boy and baby girl shower. If the baby boy has a little prince royal theme, the baby girl will be celebrated in a little princess royal theme. In order to make or create a royal look into your baby shower invitation, you can mix and match the shades of a pink and gold color. Gorgeous royal invitation design for the baby shower will be commonly designed in the combination of pink and gold. And it is similar to the royal prince, the royal princess invitation can use many different shades of pink such as baby pink, hot pink, light pink, dark pink and others to be matched with gold. The royal princess baby shower invitation always looks cute, elegant and luxurious at the same time. Many people also commonly combine this royal design with vintage or rustic style by adding the flowers pattern and use burlap texture background. It is such a perfect idea! Many royal princess baby shower invitation looks so cute with the adding of cartoony princess image, the cute baby girl with the little crown on her head, a little royal princess carriage and others. The selection of font will also enhance the royal look into your invitation design, then make sure to choose it precisely. Personalize the detail and important information before you print them out. You can also add some wording or phrases into the design like “A new little princess is on her way!”, “A new little princess is coming soon, and a shower we are planning”, “Let’s welcome the arrival of little princess” and many others. Make your guest more surprised by adding some finishing touch or embellishments on your invitation or envelopes, like the gold or pink ribbon, a little princess crown and other.

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