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Mustache Baby Shower Ideas for Your Little Man

The little man is on his way! Host his upcoming arrival with the mustache baby shower theme to get extra special celebration! The mustache baby shower theme is one of the popular themes for the son to be a baby boy that puts the combination of classy and modern ideas. There are certainly a lot of things that can be done with this theme and offer a fun and adorable theme for everyone in the party. Some ideas are found in this article like the mustache baby shower theme, mustache baby shower centerpieces, mustache baby shower invitation, mustache baby shower cake, simple mustache baby shower cake, elephant mustache baby shower and even the DIY mustache baby shower that match to everyone who loves the DIY ideas.

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Mustache Baby Shower Theme

If you are planning a boy’s baby shower, the option of mustache baby shower theme seems to be a perfect and adorable idea. The mustache theme becomes a popular theme which also is used for the other celebration like the birthday party. The whimsical black mustaches that featured with a chic color combination like lime green, gray or light blue, you don’t get the cuter than this adorable mustache theme. This theme even matched to both of classy and modern style. There are certainly a lot of things that should be considered to create an adorable mustache baby shower starting from the date, time, venue, decorations, supplies, foods, favors, invitations, games and even the activities. Make sure that all of those important parts will go perfectly with the theme. The mustache theme party can be separated from the detail of whimsical black mustache, and it will be also required for the baby shower. Combine the black mustache with chick color combination and unique patterns like chevron or stripes and get the adorable mustache-themed baby shower ever. You can play with black mustache detail with white for a masculine look. If you are going to create more casual and modern look, the adding of little light blue or turquoise is a great idea. In order to emphasize the mustache detail into the decorations, you can add the pattern of a mustache in the card or tag paper. Make a bundle of mustache card and tag in the cute design. Place those of mustache detail into your buffet, guest table decoration, the favors or even as the cupcakes and diaper cake toppers. Get the perfect baby shower cake in a mustache design which can also play as the centerpiece on your buffet. And do not forget to complete the mustache theme with the using of the mustache themed tableware whether is on the tablecloth, napkins, plates, spoons, forks, glass, and the other tableware.

boy baby shower mustache theme mustache themed baby shower ideas

Mustache Baby Shower Centerpieces

It can never go wrong when we choose the mustache theme for the baby boy shower. Celebrate and welcome the upcoming arrival of the “Little Man” with the dashing mustache theme is a fun way. Starting with the decorations, foods, favors, invitation and the party supplies should be incorporated into the mustache theme indeed. And it is also needed when you are going to choose the baby shower centerpieces. The centerpieces always become required things on any baby shower theme and also for the mustache theme baby shower. There are certainly various kinds of baby shower centerpieces that available and appropriate to the mustache theme. For the example is decorating mini baby diaper cake with mustache decoration as the table centerpiece. It is not difficult to get this kind of centerpiece. We just make the mini diaper cake from the bunch of baby diaper. Decorate it with the ribbon in a matching color and patterns like light blue and chevron pattern. For the finishing touch, add the whimsical black printed mustache paper that attached in a skewer as the topper of the diaper cake. And you can also add the other decoration items like bow tie printed paper and even balloon. Another simple mustache-themed baby shower centerpiece is using the mason jars. In this centerpiece, you will also need the mustache, bow tie, “Oh Boy!’, or the “Little Man’ printed paper in the skewer to be placed into the mason jar. Fill the mason jars with the paper or sprinkles and you can also decorate the mason with the ribbon for the more adorable look. It seems not difficult to make the mustache centerpiece at home. You can try the DIY or homemade mustache centerpiece if you want to get or add more special decoration. But, if you didn’t have time to make, you can purchase or order it and customize it according to the theme.

Mustache Baby Shower Centerpieces diy Mustache Baby Shower Centerpieces ideas

Mustache Baby Shower Invitation

Cute mustache baby shower becomes a popular theme that can be picked for a fun and adorable baby shower. Many people and also mom to be love this little mustache theme. So many incredible ideas are available to make or create the best mustache baby shower ever like selecting the invitation design. Planning the invitation design is always important. It is not only needed to convey the information of the baby shower, it is also used to set the tone of the theme perfectly. Besides of the important information about your baby shower like the date, time, address and etc, your guest need to know the theme of your baby shower at the first impression. So just be careful to select the mustache baby shower invitation. It is similar to the other theme that this mustache invitation also comes in different shapes and designs. Pick the mom to be favorite designs and match to the theme is important then. The first thing that should be considered that is determining the colors and designs that fit the theme. For the example is choosing the black and gray pinstripes or black and white pinstripes if you are looking for the masculine design. Another adorable design is choosing the black and turquoise color accents for stylish and light mustache invitation. And there are also various color themes and patterns can be chosen like adding the lime green or orange into the invitation design. Add cute invitation wording to the design of “A little man is on his way!”, “It’s a mustache bash”, “Our little man is coming soon!” and many other cute mustaches themed wording invitations. In order to emphasize the mustache, don’t be missed to add the cute mustache printed into the invitation design like the stickers or tags and catch the guest impression right away!

free printable mustache baby shower invitations mustache baby shower invitation templates

Mustache Baby Shower Cake

No baby shower party without a baby shower cake! And it is also required into your mustache baby shower themed. Serve and give the sweet treat to your guests with the unique mustache theme design. Getting a perfect mustache cake is actually not difficult even it is also easy enough to make at home. Start to make the mustache cake theme with finding many ideas or tips to make any homemade or DIY mustache baby shower cake and choose the best one that matches to the theme perfectly. Choose the right cake shape by considering how many people will be attending the shower. It is really helpful to determine the right size and shape to be made. Great baby shower cake not only becomes a sweet treat for everyone on the shower but it also used as the centerpiece of the table decoration that everyone will be attracted. You can choose any baby shower cake shape, whether is sheet cake, round cake, rectangular cake, and also tiers cake shape. Corporate the cake color with the whole of the decoration and supplies on the shower is important. A lot of mustache cake baby shower comes in the color combination of black, white, turquoise or light blue, gray, lime and even orange. Just match the color theme and add the cute pattern for more stylish design such as stripes, chevron or even polka dot. Add the whimsical black mustache detail into the cake design to emphasize the mustache theme. You can also add the bow tie, cute baby with the mustache and also the cute wording of the cake design. Some cute wordings that are commonly added like “Oh boy!”, “A little man!”, “A little man is on the way!”, “Welcome a little man!”, or adding the baby’s name to it. Just match the mustache cake baby shower with the theme and also the mom to be style or preference for a perfect result.

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