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Hawaiian Themed Baby Shower that Brings a Cheerful and Festive Vibe

Aloha! Welcome the Luau baby shower! The Hawaiian themed baby shower is a very beautiful and cheerful way to welcome your little baby boy or girl. Featuring of authentic Hawaiian food, tropical paradise decorations, grass skirt, and music will be perfect that should not be missed. If you are going to choose this Hawaiian or Luau baby shower theme, there are some important elements that can be ignored their existence, including of Hawaiian themed baby shower decorations, Hawaiian themed baby shower invitations, Hawaiian themed baby shower cake, and also Hawaiian themed baby shower food. You will get some ideas for them which may help you to host a fun and also festive Hawaiian baby shower theme, just let’s read them below!

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Hawaiian Themed Baby Shower Decorations

Celebrate the arrival of your new baby boy or girl in cheerful and festive a way with the Hawaiian or Luau themed baby shower! One of important elements which guest of all ages will love about your Luau baby shower is the decorations. The tropical paradise style, colorful Hawaiian flowers and sunshine-inspired details becomes an amazing combination. Just transform your baby shower venue into a tropical paradise that can represent the Hawaiian or Luau atmosphere. Go to the vibrant and colorful shades like yellow, orange, red, green, purple, brown, and pink. All you need is everything about the Hawaii. Use any decoration kits or items in vibrant color to create a tropical look. For the backdrop, add the Hawaiian or “beach” feel by using the jointed palm tree poster or the travel poster on the wall. Just purchase it at a party store, and get the feel! The other hanging decoration items are still needed like the balloons, streamers, or even hanging flowers and fruits. Choose them at vibrant and colorful design to set the theme perfectly. You can also enhance the “Aloha” feel by bringing the palm trees, coconuts, floral tablecloth and even the real surfboard. You should not also leave some Tiki torch lights to be installed around the party or at the outside. And come to choose your Hawaiian centerpiece, you have to choose the great idea that really complement the theme. Some Hawaiian centerpiece can be picked, like the tropical flower bouquet. You can choose red Anthurium, Orchids, Gardenias or Bird of paradise to be used as a gorgeous Hawaiian centerpiece. The other brilliant ideas about the Hawaiian centerpiece which can be a focal point of your party like a coconut, a fresh pineapple, a banana, a straw hat, a ukulele and many other. Do not forget to play the Luau music in the background to increase the Hawaiian feel into your shower and enjoy the party!

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Hawaiian Themed Baby Shower Invitations

Announce your Hawaiian or Luau themed baby shower through the Aloha Hawaiian invitation design! A baby shower is a special moment for every mom-to-be and dad-to-be that should be shared with the friends and family. Similar to the other baby shower theme, the invitation becomes an important part of the celebration that should be planned in the beginning of planning. And choosing the invitation design is always inspired from the theme. Design or make your invitation as perfect as possible to set the theme. And it is also required for your Hawaiian or Luau Invitations. Design your Hawaiian themed baby shower invitations into the tropical invitation design will usually captivate your guest’s attention at their first glimpse. Search or browse many different designs of Hawaiian invitation before you decide the best one. Make sure that your Luau invitation conveys the information about your baby shower clearly and appropriately. It will be certainly easier when you just purchase your invitation from the craft store or scrapbook. But, if you want to get more special, the idea of DIY invitation is also a great choice. You will need some ideas and inspirations before start to design your invitation. And you are already decided the perfect one, just prepare the material that needed like the some paper, and for the embellishments like ribbon and stickers. You just choose the design of the Hawaiian invitation that you want and customizing the designs, size, font, color shades, paragraphs, format and the important information according your shower like the date, time, address, RSVP information, dress code and the other information. Add the right Aloha or Hawaiian wording into your invitation to set the tone and you just print them out! Embellish your invitation with ribbon and stickers that you purchased or own designed into your invitation. And it is ready to send them off!

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