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Creative Baby Shower Invitation for Girls

Planning a Baby Shower Invitation for Girls is always exciting and full of fun for all of the parents to-be. We have to make sure about every aspect of the event before the big day comes. There will be certainly a lot of work to do and pick out the right invitation designs can often confusing. Choosing the right invitation design will be easier when we already decide the theme of our baby shower. We just fit the invitation design with the theme to set the tone of the baby shower event. Here are some Baby Shower Invitations for Girls ideas that can inspire you to get the best design of your Baby Shower Invitation for Girls.Baby Shower Invitation for Girls

Baby Shower Invitation for Girls DIY

Why have you to make your own baby shower invitation by yourself when you can easily order or buy it? This question will be commonly asked by the people around of you when you decide to make the DIY invitation for your baby shower party. But, there will be some reasons to answer this question. Since a baby shower always becomes a special event for every parents-to-be and especially for the expecting mom, we also want a special touch to our invitation design. It will be more special if we creating a unique baby shower invitation design and add the personal touch. The DIY invitation design becomes the trend and popular on these days that still come in chic, modern, stylish and even unique design that difference with the other designs ever. Moreover, you can save your budget for your baby shower party if you make it by yourself. The DIY or handmade baby shower invitations might be a challenge for most of the people and they just order it. But, it is actually not difficult as we imagine before.Baby Shower Invitations for Girls DIY

You can easily design and make your own baby shower invitation even without any graphic design experience. The important thing that needed is your creativity and personal touch to invitation design. You have to creative as possible as you can to design the invitation, and just add your personal touch to the design. Search a lot of different designs and ideas before you starting to design. Choose the great and unique layout from tons of professionally designed layout that fit your personal style and also your special event. Customize the layout by selecting colors, fonts, and images that match the theme of your baby shower party to set the tone. Then, you have to add and personalize the details information about your event to the invitation design, such as time, date, address, RSVP information and other. Print your invitation on a good quality paper or any paper according to your preference. For the unique design, you can print the invitation in unique shape paper or you just cut it into unique paper shapes, such as baby onesie invitation, baby bottles, diaper invitation, baby stroller invitation, and etc. And if you want to get more special design, you can also add your DIY baby shower invitations with some embellishments on the design, such as silk ribbon, paper flower, tutu, and other embellishments.

Baby Shower Invitation for Girls Pink

Choosing the right baby shower invitation design will not only set the tone of your event but it also helps you to not run over your budget. Since the pink color becomes the beautiful color that identical to the girls, the option of baby shower invitation girls in pink color is absolutely a perfect option to let your guest know that you are welcoming a beautiful baby girl to the world. Tons of baby shower invitation for baby girls that are designed with the pink color scheme. You can choose the perfect one, whether is in a modern, classy, or even the vintage invitation style since the pink is fit to any style and theme. Numerous and different hues of pink colors look so beautiful to beautify your baby shower design.Baby Shower Invitations for Girls Pink

Choose the right hues, from blush tones and magenta to hot pink that will be used on your invitations layouts or combine them with other colors, such as gray, white, black, gold and etc. The option of pink invitation themed will really create an elegant, beautiful, cute and even modern looks. And if you already decide the hues and layout of the invitation, you have to customize it depend on your personal style. You can change the fonts, colors, designs, formats and even text that you want. Upload and add the pictures into your invitation design will make your invitation looks unique as well. And don’t forget to personalize your invitation to give your guest directions to your event, include the date, time, address, and even RSVP instructions.

Baby Shower Invitation for Girls Purple

The other cute and beautiful invitation design for your little girl baby shower is the purple theme. Purple becomes one of the colors of royalty that really fit your girl baby shower party. If you are going to throw your baby shower party with the purple theme, then you should also match the invitation design with the purple theme as well. There are also tons of magnificent purple baby shower invitation designs that will be the perfect option. And different hues of purple from light to dark purple hues are really awesome to be selected as your invitation color scheme. Some beautiful purple hues, such as mauve, lavender, plum, magenta, violet and others will make your baby shower invitation looks adorable. Your task is just choosing a design that fit and coordinates with your baby shower decoration or your personal style.Baby Shower Invitations for Girls Purple

Combine or mix and match the purple hues with other colors, such as white, gray, black, and others. As the background, the option of a white background will look adorable with the combination of lavender calligraphy. Or you can use dark purple hues for the background of your baby shower invitation and use bright white as fonts color in order to get a sophisticated design. And it is also can be tried with the purple and other colors combinations. It is similar to the other invitation design that customizing the design with your event is always important. In order to get the baby shower invitation design that fit your preference, just customize it. You can change the fonts, designs, colors, format and even add your favorite quotes or verses on the design. Personalize the date, time, address, and RSVP as well to give the directions of your party to your guest. For more adorable baby shower invitation in purple design, using good quality paper is required for printing. The good quality paper will make your invitation look more adorable, unique, and expensive at the same time.

Baby Shower Invitation for Girls Elephants

The option of elephant design for the baby shower invitation for girls is such another cute idea. If you consider that the elephant baby shower invitation designs are appropriately designed for the baby boy, then you have to browse or searching them that designed for the baby girls as well. Both of the designs look cute and stylish, right? When the most of the elephant invitation for the boy are mostly used blue as the color scheme, then the elephant baby shower invitation for girls will be mostly identical to the pink color scheme. Just mix and match the pink color with the other color scheme, such as white, purple, yellow, black and even gray color. Mixing and matching elephant invitation design in pink and other colors looks so adorable in some different patterns include or polka dot, chevron and even strip pattern. Choose the design and layout that you want. Then customize and personalize the design with the details information of your baby shower party. And don’t forget to write “It’s a Girl!” on your invitation designs to inform your guest that you are welcoming your little girl into your life.Baby Shower Invitation for Girls Elephants


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