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Creative Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

As one of the sweetest party, the baby shower always brings fun and happiness to everyone who comes to the party. Sharing the joys and expectations with friends and families can be a happy and memorable moment for every mom-to-be. In order to prepare for this celebration, looking for some interesting decorations that are as practical and affordable as the mom-to-be style will be certainly required. Choosing the Baby Shower Decoration Ideas can be based according to many aspects, such as the gender of the baby, the mom-to-be style and the budget of your party as well. Every mom-to-be has her own style to decorate their baby shower party. There are many ideas and inspirations for the stylish and easy baby shower decorations that might be fit to your baby gender, style and even your budget. Here, you will find the baby shower decoration ideas for a baby boy, baby girl, twins and even the homemade decoration that will helpful if you are going to trim your baby shower budget. Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas for Boys

Celebrate your baby boy’s upcoming arrival with the best and stylish decorations ever. Make your big and special day by planning and organizing great decoration for your baby boy shower party. When it comes to decorate your baby shower room or area, it is absolutely important to find a lot of ideas and inspirations before your planning decorate it. Just find some interesting and fun ideas that will make your baby boy shower party cool and impress your guest’s impression at their first glimpse. Deciding the theme of your baby by shower party is really useful to decide and choose every item and supplies that are used on to the decoration. Owl, elephant, nautical and many other themes can be selected. And if you already decide your theme, then choosing the right color scheme to portray and set the tone of your theme will be needed.Baby Shower Decoration Ideas for Boys

Most of baby boy shower party full of cool and stylish color scheme, such as blue, grey, white, yellow, black, green and even brown color scheme. Your task is choosing the right color scheme or mixing and matching those colors to decorate your baby shower party room perfectly. Each of color will give different look and atmosphere to the decoration, then it is great to match and fit it with the theme. The combination of blue and yellow color scheme will create cool and stylish decoration look. And of you are going to get vintage decoration style, you can choose the color combination of grey and white or add little yellow color as well. You can also combine some colors, such as yellow, green, brown, black and even a little red color on the safari or jungle baby by shower party. Some decoration items make your baby shower area looks festive and fun, such as balloons, paper lanterns, paper garlands, banners, toys, lightings and others. Add a mantel and a clothesline that full of baby onesies is also unique to try. And for the table decorations, you can choose unique tablecloths, diaper cake, and even unique cupcakes as the centerpieces of your table.Creative baby shower decoration ideas for boyshomemade baby shower decoration ideas for boys

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas Girls

The option of baby shower decoration ideas for baby girls is actually as various as baby boy. But, choosing the baby shower decoration themed for baby girls can be quite different than those for a baby boy. If you are going to choose the best decoration for your baby shower, so choosing the theme at the beginning of your planning is really useful to determine the right decoration will be. There are a lot of cute, beautiful and stylish baby shower decoration ideas for baby girls. Starting from the princess themes, ballerina themes, Minnie mouse themes, and other always decorated in beautiful and cute ways. Decorate your baby girl shower party with pink and white color themed.Baby Shower Decoration Ideas Girls

The combination of pink and white color is mostly appeared and used on many baby shower party for girls. Decorate your baby shower area with all pink and white color, such as for the balloons, paper lanterns, flowers, toys and even your table decoration with pink baby shower cakes, cupcakes and foods. Do not forget to look for some interesting and easy ideas about cute decoration of baby girl shower party to help you for planning and organizing your special day. Welcome your guest by setting the baby clothesline sign using baby onesies, diapers, puff paints and some clothespins. You can string this clothesline across the entryway. If you want to get cute and beautiful centerpieces of your guest table, you can convert baby bottles into beautiful little flower vases. Place fresh cut flowers on to the bottle and fill the bottles with water then place it on every guest table. And there are still many ideas that can be used to decorate your baby girl baby shower party areas.Baby Shower Decoration Ideas Girls homemadeUnique Baby Shower Decoration Ideas Girls

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas Homemade

Stylish and festive baby shower decoration usually required a lot of budget. So, choosing the right and easy ways to decorate your baby shower party is really important. But, you should not be worried about the budget. If you want to get any stylish and festive decoration, but does not run over your budget the option of baby shower decoration ideas homemade is recommended. Many moms-to-be choose the homemade decoration when they want to trim their budget and also get unique or different decoration as well. The option of homemade decoration items can be just as beautiful as items in the store. Moreover, you will get different style and special design for your decorations. Some ideas for the homemade decoration can be tried, such as the option of homemade baby shower cake. If you are thinking that most of diaper cakes on the store is too expensive for you, then making by yourself if a smart way.Baby Shower Decoration Ideas Homemade

The option of homemade diaper cake looks as stylish as most purchased diaper cakes. You just need some plain or printed disposable diapers, some tapes, and enough ribbon to tie around the diapers. You can decide the design or shape of the diaper cake, the type of ribbon, and even another embellishment to make your diaper cake look more stylish. Another simple and easy homemade baby shower decoration is the option of welcome baby shower sign that also made from the disposable diapers, baby onesies or clothesline and some clothespins. The other ideas such as baby bottles vases, standing baby sign, centerpiece basket, paper garland, paper lantern and others are reasonably easy to make and so affordable for your budget. Just pour your creativity to make your homemade decorations and impress your guest attention to enjoy your decorations.Unique Baby Shower Decoration Ideas Homemade

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas for Twins

Some fun and interesting baby shower themed that are available for the twins baby such as two peas in a pod, twice is nice, Noah’s Ark, Thing 1 and Thing 2, and others. Each of themes certainly has different decorations ideas. Then, it is similar to the baby boy and baby girl baby shower decoration ideas, you have to decide the theme of your celebration at the first planning. Deciding the theme makes everything on the decoration process easier. Do not be afraid to get creative, unique and different decorations since it will make your special day more special.Baby Shower Decoration Ideas for Twins
The baby shower decoration ideas for twins will be mostly identical to the double décor. It means that you have to showcase the beauty of two. Some decorative ideas for twin baby shower decoration, such as balloons, bows, booties, bottles, candles, flowers and other items in pairs are commonly required to create and stay on theme. And you can also add some pictures that can represent the theme as well.Baby Shower Decoration Ideas for Twins funny

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