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Adorable Couple Baby Shower Invitations (+30 New Pictures)

Today i will tell you first step making adorable and perfect Couple Baby Shower Invitations without mistake. First step Figure out what theme you want. It can be elephant, nautical, hello kitty, safari, or your favorite color! Anything you can think of that is cute and you like! Then Figure out the color or patterns you want on the invitation. If it is for baby girl, it can have pastel colors. And if boy, use bold color. If you’re sending invitations on behalf of someone else, be sure to consult with them about color preferences. The number of colors you use may impact the final cost of your invites. Purchasing paper in multiple colors or designs or printing in colored ink vs. black can add a bit to your cost, so keep that in mind but if you send couples shower online invitations it is no problem.

couple baby shower invitations backyard couple baby shower invitations bbq

Decide on your text for couples baby shower invitations wording. You need to include basic information on your invitations so that everyone arrives at the right time, on the right day at the right place. DON’T FORGET be sure you’ve confirmed all your arrangements regarding time, date and place before you sit down to make your invitations. Think about additional information you may need to include such as a contact or RSVP phone number, instructions about attire or gifts, directions and/or a map and a web address (if you’ve created one for the occasion). When you do things yourself, you can save some money, too.

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