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28 Best and Unique Baby Shower Souvenirs That Will Impressing

Baby shower is more than just the baby shower souvenirs. It’s a party where friends and family gather to celebrate and have fun. Because attendees are mainly adults, throwing a great shower takes a bit of thought. You need a party that’s focused on babies, but still entertaining for grownups. Although usually connected with holiday gift shop merchandise, the word ‘souvenir’ is actually a French word meaning remembrance or memory. Souvenirs are also referred to as keepsakes or mementos and can be any item that somebody keeps for the memories it brings back for examples inexpensive baby shower favors ideas for your party.

baby shower favors ideas to make at home baby shower favors to make for a boy

Guests love when you give them a gift that says something about you. If you love candles, choose a small candle in a tin that matches the color of your personalized baby shower favors. For spring party, be inspired by nature with flowers, honey or bunches of lavender. Make your best baby shower favors ever pay for themselves and use them to decorate your table as seating cards, or by placing them on your seating chart. Add guest name tags to sweet treats, decorations or activities, for favors that will be used all day. Pick up some personalized baby shower candy or matchbooks that coordinate with the color scheme of your . It will look really nice as an accent to your baby shower decoration ideas.

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